Before You Read


My goal for this website is help people move towards a more compassionate, empathetic, kind and forgiving worldview over time. To that end, I have set up some deliberate features here.

Here are some guidelines for you to keep in mind:

1. Turn off all distractions. We live in a world of constant distraction and focused attention is becoming a rare commodity. You cannot read here, casually skimming and scrolling, as if it were a sprint. Serious seekers who are looking for pearls of wisdom will have to dive deep and introspect. My recommendation is to turn off all notifications and to turn off all electronic devices other than the one you are using now.


2. All text and images are in grayscale. I want you to focus much more closely on the text and the ideas presented here. The pictures are secondary. I’ve made the text black-on-white to facilitate focus.


3. All text is double-spaced and there is an emphasis on brevity and clarity.

The content you read on the Internet looks like this. The ideas presented out there target the greatest number of readers possible. We end up with a forum filled with shallow nothings that do nothing for our well-being.

You cannot expect any serious contemplation in the case above. It can come across as “sound and fury, but signifying nothing.” The space that surrounds the content is meant to facilitate reflection and insight.


4. There are no ads and very few links. There are rare individuals who choose to spend their life’s energy pursuing these subject matters like I have. I could easily have monetized this website and allowed all sorts of advertisements to bombard you while you read. But I care more to help you. If at the end of it, you feel a desire to donate to my cause, you are welcome to.


5. The layout is extremely minimalistic. Wisdom and truth can only be digested if they are presented in a very simple manner. Like Hemingway’s Iceberg, I want you to reflect much more than you read. The words point to insights much deeper beneath the surface.


If you are ready to proceed, click here.