Over a lifetime of study, I have found a few nuggets that I want to share with you. These are the principle building blocks and are the equivalent of teachings that run throughout this website. It is true that most of the people on the planet are nowhere near abandoning their current way of life, which chiefly operates from a fear-based consciousness, but I believe that it may be possible for a few to do so over time with the following teachings in mind:


1. The primary cause of suffering on this planet is human beings operating from a fear-based consciousness.  All suffering that occurs on this planet, whether self-inflicted or that which is inflicted upon others, is caused by fear. Throughout this website, I oftentimes use the terms “fear-based consciousness” and the “human ego” interchangeably. Judgment and violence are only symptoms of the underlying cause. The only way to end the cycle of physical and psychological suffering in this world, is that we, as a collective society, begin to operate from a place of compassion, forgiveness, and kindness – towards ourselves and towards others around us. This transformation is the chief object of this website.


2. What you do to another, you do to yourself. You cannot escape the consequences of your actions and pretend that actions towards another will have no ramifications whatsoever on yourself. It may not seem apparent from the outset, but you must eventually conclude this reality. As the popular saying goes, “What goes around, comes around” and whatever intention we express eventually comes back to us.


3. Thoughts are things. Any expression of the fear-based consciousness, whether judgment, hatred, resentment, anger, guilt, or any other manifestation, must initially start with a thought. If you want to change the world, to transcend the fear-based consciousness, then you must to start first with changing your thoughts. As Jung suggested, our thoughts and intuitions may be tied to what he termed the collective unconscious. I want to take this a step further by adding that each of our thoughts percolate in the collectively shared mind of the world, which then effects our collective physical reality – the internal world becomes the external world.


4. We must admit a spiritual reality to life and invoke solutions that acknowledge this aspect.  I deliberately did not use the word ‘religious’. In my view, neither religion nor science for that matter can offer the full solution to our problems. The thousands of years of religious worship has not eradicated constant warfare and conflict on Earth and science (up to this point) has not been able to instill a sense of empathy and an overall value of life to those who are mentally ill.  Only when we acknowledge a deeper spiritual dimensions of our being, can we come closer to the mark . 


5. Evil is real.  I know this will be controversial. If you are on this website, you have an open mind and I encourage you to keep it so. What I’m referring to here are the very personification of psychopathy, sociopathy, and narcissism in our world today. One cannot make a study of human psychology and justify such atrocities as the Holocaust or any other mass genocides, let alone the spree of constant and seemingly never-ending shooting sprees in the US, without at least admitting to this as a possibility. For nearly two decades, I have spent most of my free time on studying evil, and I spend extensive time on this website discussing these forces and how they operate.


6. It is time for spiritual people to be a Light unto the world.  There is no way that things will change, unless those of you who are walking the spiritual path and raising your consciousness start expressing yourselves. I fully understand that there will indeed be very few of you who are willing, let alone ready to do this, but our main job is to simply offer an alternative to the majority of people, regardless of their choice. Many of you have may be reluctant to express yourselves, but your absence only allows the psychopaths in every corner of our society to aggressively keep the majority of people on Earth bound to the confines of fear. Whether it is through a blog, YouTube channel, movies, music, politics, business or otherwise, we must speak up! 


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