A Day In My Life

And In Yet A Few Days…

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Many a time I have questioned the feasibility of my endeavor here.  I ask sometimes:  Is the human race ready for a total renunciation of fear?  Is it ready for the new consciousness of fearlessness that I am teaching?  Will I even survive  to see the fruits of my own efforts?

I am sure that I am not the first to ask these questions.  But perhaps this is my lot in life – to remain ever-transfixed upon the goal, and yet have very little assurance that any transformation will occur.  I can only imagine the countless millennia that the human species has been at war with itself.  So many millions and billions of lives lost in the epic struggle for temporary supremacy.  The battlefield of mankind has been riddled with empty corpses engaged in the strife to prove the superiority of one idea over another.  I too, regrettably, once relished violence, relied upon brute force to impose my beliefs upon another.  In countless lifetimes in my past, I too, was willing to destroy my enemies, justifying violence in order to defend an idea against another that that posed a threat.  Thankfully, I realized the grave error of my ways.  I would not be surprised if my debts caught up with me in this lifetime, and in yet a few days, I, the all-beholding sun, shall see no more.  I have, therefore made, regardless of the result, the commitment to this path of total non-violence – the path of forgiveness, compassion, and kindness no matter what.

As many have done that have come before me, I have no choice but to preach this new way of life, for I know that this is the only way out of the immense suffering caused by the confines of fear, the never-ending conflict of the human beings on Earth.  And yet, it is possible that in all likelihood I may be ignored, or worse yet, vilified and condemned for my beliefs.  It is not very encouraging or motivating to continue on at times, knowing full well that I am in hostile territory from those around me who are truly stuck for eons in the fear-based consciousness, who view merely my message as a threat, and, at the same time, are not able to see clearly their own diseased way of life for the affliction that it really is.  The good news is that I am responsible for my actions alone and that the results are truly outside of my hands.

Although I perceive a great momentum to this new way of life, the path of the fearless, I must also admit that it may not be enough. The fear-based consciousness and its demons wield a tremendous and paralyzing power over the masses.  This is a reality that I must confess, if I am honest.  Certainly, there is no doubt that messengers like myself will receive hatred and resentment from the innumerable egos of the world.  There is, however, nothing else for me to do, no other choice presented besides, than to press onwards.